Our tech delivers user generated content campaigns at scale to reach millions




Branded VIP Sharing

100+ creators sharing your brand content redirecting followers to Landing Pages using our Link in Bio.

Always-on Campaigns

Management of always-on, high-performance campaigns. All our technology and multidisciplinary team at your service.

Creator Viral Challenge

Run a one-off campaign with 100+ creators and influencers on Tiktok and Instagram, and reach millions of fans.

Content Generation

Branded user generated content for your awareness and media goals.



What is Viplink?

The link between brands and creators, easy and fast on demand creator campaigns to take your brand viral on TikTok and Instagram.
Find and hire the ideal influencer for your campaign for free.
Perfect solution for brands that want our experts to manage all their influencer marketing campaigns, from the creation of the strategy to the relationship with influencers and measurement of results. Target and Go, Always-On Campaigns, Creator Challenge and Content Generation.
Creators have a member area where they can manage their relationship with brands, monetize their content, sell digital products and manage a virtual account.
You can engage with creators to run advertising campaigns with you for free.
Creators charge on a performance basis. By the number of impressions and clicks they deliver on a given campaign.
Yes, ONLY through our Marketplace you can negotiate and close a deal in exchange of a product. Viplink is not responsible and does not support the agreements made in the marketplace. On-demand services are not performed with the exchange of products.
We will deliver an access to a real-time, dynamic report. The report has 3 analysis dimensions: filters, tables, and graphs. It includes: videos, links, creator id, creator link, engagement of each video, reach of each video.
Yes, companies can use it for any media (both organic and paid) for 6 months from the end date of the Viplink challenge.

OUR Manifest

We believe creators can be the spark to positive innovation in the world. At Viplink we stand with them by promoting and elevating their craft, enabling them to further develop their talent and extend their work.