Brand Growth for Gen-Z & Millennials Marketers is a brand growth platform that uses proprietary dynamic pricing and a broad network of professional creators to help marketers and their agencies successfully drive brand growth across social media platforms.
Viplink delivers user generated content (UGC) campaigns at scale to millions of Gen-Z consumers on a pay-per-performance basis.
Turn Your Brand Viral With Thousands of Creator Partners
Increase Your Content Reach By 700%
How It Works
Brand alignmentConsultants will help you define the perfect target audience and creator profile to achieve your brand goals.
Setup and LaunchAI will get the best available bidding price for you to go VIRAL.
Brand SafetyCurated and aligned creators deliver AMAZING branded content to millions of consumers.
Hands free resultsFrom audience management to creator reward payments.
See how our customers drive growth through creator performance partnerships
Pay Only For The Metrics That Matter
CPVCost per ViewsBoost your effectiveness by measuring the people fully engaged with your content.
CPMCost per 1000 ImpressionsIncrease your brand visibility and make every impression count in zero ad-waste space.
CPVCPEInvest only in meaningful interactions.
Performance Creator Marketing
Pay Per ResultsInvest in content performance, forget paying for content and 'Hopium'.
No Third party placementDirect access to the verified creators you need. Reduced risk of miscommunication between multiples parties. Lower overall cost.
Predictable ResultsReliable performance and expected outcomes, allowing for effective decision-making.
Higly Scalable+700 creators working simultaneosly with your brand.
Track Your Campaign in Real Time
Stop paying based on follower count and start paying creators for verified views and engagements.