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Deezer and VipLink content collaboration #Meli #Deezer

Deezer's collaboration with Viplink soared beyond expectations, propelled by a landmark partnership with tech giant Mercado Livre. This strategic collaboration, powered by Viplink's influencer marketing platform, ignited a social media explosion, generating over a million views across TikTok and Instagram. This unprecedented reach shattered Deezer's visibility barriers, propelling the brand to the top of music lovers' minds and cementing its position as a major player within the digital music landscape.

The strategic partnership between Deezer and Viplink exemplified the power of influencer marketing in driving brand visibility and consumer engagement. Through the creation of compelling and resonant content, Deezer effectively connected with music enthusiasts, resulting in a significant increase in new user registrations. This achievement not only showcased the effectiveness of Deezer's influencer marketing campaign but also highlighted the instrumental role played by Viplink in uniting brands with influential content creators, ultimately driving impactful and engaging marketing campaigns.

This explosive success was orchestrated by Viplink's AI engine, meticulously sifting through a 170k-strong creator database to identify over 1,000 potential partners for Deezer. From this pool, over 300 eager creators emerged, ultimately crafting 24 impactful posts that captivated audiences across TikTok and Instagram, generating over 1 million views (500,000 each!). This laser-focused recruitment, coupled with Viplink's social media expertise, ensured perfect partnerships and resonating content – a winning formula that not only amplified Deezer's voice but also cemented its position as a leading force in the digital music realm.

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