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Prime Video and VipLink content collaboration #TheFall

Prime Video and Viplink partnered to launch the movie "The Fall" with a highly targeted influencer marketing campaign that resonated with the streaming service's target audience. Viplink's platform connected Prime Video with a diverse network of TikTokers and Instagram influencers who were passionate about entertainment and suspense. These influencers were also well-known for their authentic and engaging content, which made them natural partners for Prime Video.

The campaign was a resounding success, with "The Fall" skyrocketing to the top of Prime Video's most-watched list. The campaign's success was attributed to the strong alignment between the influencers and the target audience, as well as the quality and authenticity of the content that was created.

VipLink's AI-powered influencer matchmaking proved its prowess once again in the stratospheric launch of "The Fall" for Prime Video. By leveraging its 170k creator database and advanced algorithms, VipLink identified over 5,000 potential partners perfectly aligned with Prime Video's vision. This meticulous selection process yielded over 1,000 eager creators, ultimately resulting in a dream team of 48 TikTokers and 45 Instagramers who captured the essence of "The Fall" with captivating content.

The campaign dominated social media, generating over 5.5 million views on TikTok and 6.1 million views on Instagram. But the impact went far beyond clicks and shares. VipLink's strategic approach, fueled by AI and human expertise, ensured the right message resonated with the right audience, propelling "The Fall" to the top of Prime Video's charts. This resounding success underscores VipLink's instrumental role in not only amplifying visibility but also igniting genuine audience engagement, proving once again that data-driven influencer marketing is a formula for viral success.

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