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Supercell and VipLink content collaboration #ClashofClans

Supercell's partnership with VipLink, the content collaboration platform, resulted in the creation of a highly successful video campaign for Clash of Clans. Gone were the epic battle montages; instead, popular TikTokers and Instagramers like Idisobey, Benjamin Esherick, Jayo, FolksLove AK, Kwes, and Justin Lupo showcased their comedic chops, portraying the joys and frustrations of Clash of Clans. Viplink's platform connected Clash of Clans with a diverse network of TikTokers and Instagram influencers who were passionate about games. The campaign has been widely praised for its engaging and humorous content, effectively capturing the attention of millions of viewers and driving significant interest in the game's latest update.

By leveraging VipLink's AI-powered platform, which sifted through its 170k-strong creator database to identify over 1,000 potential partners, Supercell assembled a dream team of 14 creators. This meticulous selection process, yielding over 500 eager creators initially, ensured the perfect fit for the campaign's global TikTok and Instagram launch, ultimately generating over 5.1 million views and positive reception.

The success of the #ClashofClans #MasterClash campaign stands as a testament to the collaborative prowess of Supercell and VipLink, showcasing the ability to effectively harness the reach and influence of popular content creators. By strategically leveraging VipLink's platform and partnering with well-known TikTokers and Instagramers, the campaign not only achieved impressive viewership but also effectively communicated the excitement surrounding the game's latest update, further solidifying Clash of Clans' position as a leading title in the gaming community.

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