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Ubisoft and VipLink content collaboration #TheCrewMotorfests

Viplink's platform was the driving force behind connecting Ubisoft with a vibrant community of content creators, mainly TikTok influencers, and insightful gaming industry experts. Each creator was handpicked for their perfect fit with The Crew Motorfest's audience and their talent for crafting engaging and authentic content. This successful collaboration adds to our growing portfolio of high-profile partnerships, including collaborations with AVATAR: FRONTIERS OF PANDORA™ and UBISOFT FORWARD.

VipLink's collaboration with Ubisoft wasn't just about connecting creators - it was a masterclass in leveraging AI-powered marketing magic to orchestrate impactful social media campaigns. By tapping into VipLink's 170,000 creator network and its AI recruitment engine. Each creator, meticulously handpicked for their perfect fit with The Crew Motorfest's audience, possessed the magic touch to craft compelling and authentic content. The results? Speaking volumes, over 3,000 profiles were initially scouted, leading to a staggering 200+ creators eager to collaborate. This powerhouse team unleashed 31 captivating posts that racked up over 4.8 million views, proving the undeniable power of targeted influencer marketing

Through VipLink's strategic facilitation, Ubisoft successfully harnessed the collective influence of these content creators to amplify the visibility and desirability of The Crew Motorfest within the gaming community and beyond. VipLink's tailored approach to content collaboration not only bolstered the reach of Ubisoft's marketing initiatives but also fostered genuine connections with consumers, driving heightened engagement and interest in The Crew Motorfest. This partnership underscored VipLink's instrumental role in uniting brands with influential content creators, ultimately yielding a synergistic and impactful marketing campaign for Ubisoft's gaming event.

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