Viplink AI

Wondershare and VipLink content collaboration

To maximize the reach of influencer-generated content, Viplink collaborated closely with Wondershare to implement a strategic distribution plan across various social media platforms. Leveraging Viplink's expertise in content collaboration and social media marketing, the partnership ensured that the engaging content created by influencers reached a broad and diverse audience of passionate editing enthusiasts. By strategically disseminating the content across multiple channels.

Viplink's involvement with Wondershare extended beyond content creation. We utilized AI-powered creator matching to meticulously curate a team of 8,000 influencers from our extensive 500,000-strong database. This careful selection process, refined from an initial pool of over 20,000 profiles, ensured authentic connections with a diverse audience of editing enthusiasts. The outcome was dozens of posts garnering millions of views on TikTok and Instagram.

Johnson & Johnson embarked on creative beauty routines showcasing the ACUVUE lenses
Viplink's platform facilitated the connection between Ubisoft and an extensive network of content creators
Prime Video partnered with Viplink, to orchestrate a powerful influencer marketing campaign for The Fall